The most powerful recruitment system yet

Combining 2 decades of accumulated networks with cutting edge AI technology.

- Roles Filled within 21 days

- Access to 95%+ of a candidate market in 5 days

- Find and secure A+ players every time

- Fees as low as 10%

- A Unique employer branding strategy

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Leaving nothing to chance

You're in good company

"PCC built a good understanding of our company needs and identified high-quality candidates fitting the profile needed ensuring we filled our 4 vacant positions within our deadlines. Communication was excellent throughout the whole process."

"PCC understands our business and its niche nature. They offer us a highly targeted approach to recruitment. We are offered a selection of high calibre candidates to select from who have all the skills required to be successful in the role. We have found that the candidates recruited by PCC stay with our organisation longer term and often progress through our organisation over many years."

"PCC have been extremely thorough in recruiting suitable candidates, ensuring each candidate met the specific requirements of our organisation. As a result, these quality candidates have performed above expectation and have been an excellent addition to the organisation. PCC made recruitment a much easier and less challenging process."

Michael Enticott

Sales and Marketing Director


Rebecca Bibby

General Manager


Shabir H. Ahmed

Managing Director


Never before has there been the opportunity to build winning teams by consistently hiring only the very best talent within your market

Research has shown that top performers are a whopping 8x more productive than Average performers. How good would it be if every new hire met this level?

The Sales Talent Machine is a relentless, unstoppable process that will continue until it has found 'every single' candidate that fits your role profile.

Applying methods developed and tested over 2 decades to attract and secure the very best from the entire candidate market.

23 Years offering clients an unfair advantage

  • 1000's of vacancies filled in Pharmaceutical, Healthcare and Biotechnology companies over 22 years
  • Helped 100's of companies hire only the best the industry has to offer
  • 2 Decades in developing the most sophisticated candidate attraction tools
  • Roles consistently filled inside 21 days.
  • Consistently Recommended by industry senior leaders

PCC Ltd - Creator of the Sales Talent Machine

Attracting rare talent for you

More Happy Clients

“PCC have a very good understanding of our business and how it works, and the type of candidates that we are looking for. They work with you in the process and identify strong candidates to recruit at a high calibre. The communication is excellent throughout the whole process, and you feel that you are being listened to.”

Quite simply I would rate PCC as the most effective recruitment specialist I have worked with. The communication and honesty that John and PCC offer is exactly what is required to recruit the best talent available.

"PCC take the time to understand the company culture and match the candidates, not only to the role, but the company. I find the personalised approach more successful than others. I have used PCC to successfully recruit across a number of sales, marketing, access and digital positions in the last couple of years and would recommend John and his team."

Jason Mulcock

Head of Sales


Simon Claridge



Alexandra Charles

Sales and Marketing Director


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